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by tony roberts

Not known as well
Unless you are a globally known brand name institution, the awareness you enjoy at home and in mature markets is non-existent in Africa.
There are thousands of institutions and courses on offer. How do you get your courses in front of prospective students in Africa? We do this for you, via their smart phone.
Print and TV promotion cost prohibitive in most countries in the continent and this is why digital marketing is an ideal avenue. SMART phone proliferation has given us a perfect tool to reach this market segment your prospective students 24/7, 365 days a year.

IF you are active in Africa, or would like to make a start, then read on.

What do we do at
The team consists of a small number of professionals that are passionate about what does and can do in the future.
We are mostly tech geeks that live and breathe digital marketing plus a seasoned practitioner who has tremendous experience in international student recruitment, from the institutional side. We see this a good blend to achieve our objective reaching out to increasingly digital Africa, YOUR prospective students.

Our processes are such that at every step, our approach is to reach those applicants that meet academic, financial and regulatory (visas) requirements.

So, if you are an institution that would like to enhance your mobile presence in Africa, then we are a very good fit. If you are just starting out in the continent, then we are a fantastic market entry strategy.

Hope you will decide to join us. And make studying abroad a reality for most African students.

Creating your institution's listing is simple.

Have questions? Feedback ? Drop me an email via Tony (at) or contact Peter (at) Download our INFO PACK.