Study in SCOTLAND, - location, location, location
by Tom Rice

The United Kingdom of which Scotland is part of is the most popular destination for many African applicants simply owing to historical ties. The UK is made of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland is situated in the north of the UK and is part of the island better known as Great Britain. UK's major cities are London, Manchester, Liverpool and of course the beautiful cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland.

Overall the UK is the second largest receiver (next to the USA) of international students from all over the world.

A European Lifestyle

Studying in the UK, you will benefit from a European lifestyle as well as have the opportunity to pick from an extensive array of courses and programs. The degree programs are also generally shorter than they are in the US and also in some cases less expensive than the US. Most importantly, a majority of institutions do NOT require the various admissions tests (GMAT, GRE etc) that are a requirement for many US grad schools.

A different Education system

The learning (and teaching style) is also very different to that of many African nations. This just means its different to what you may have been used to and doesn't always mean better or worse. What is for certain is that you will gain from this 'difference' in style. The onus is put on the individual student much more to do independent study and research, and much less in class tuition. The assessment is also in the form of continues assessment where you will be expected to turn in papers regularly and sit for both mid term and final exams. There are usually lectures and tutorials (short discussion groups) and laboratory sessions for those undertaking subject areas linked to the sciences.

Scotland has a distinctive higher education system and also operates under a devolved government, which includes devolved responsibility for higher education. many undergraduate degrees are similar to the US model in that it is 4 years of duration and different to that of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland’s distinctive higher education system has 19 higher education institutions (HEIs). The 15 universities, the Open University in Scotland, a college of higher education, an art school, and a conservatoire all receive funding for research and for learning and teaching through the Scottish Funding Council (see;funding is also received from other sources.

Quality Assurance
The academic standards of qualifications are secured and the quality of the student learning experience enhanced by the HEIs using a range of processes including extensive use of external examiners and suitably qualified independent external individuals. In some subject areas, Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) have a role to ensure that programmes meet the needs and standards of a particular profession; PSRBs do not set or regulate the academic standards of awards, which is the responsibility of the Degree awarding body.

Scholarships for study in Scotland

A new development from the British Council means that it is now possible to search for a scholarship Online. You can now find any scholarships that are appropriate to your country of origin, level of study, subject, and institutions where you are interested in studying. To search for a scholarship, visit: The scholarships page

Please also refer to this site's own (click here) Scholarship Info page also.

Professional Degree programmes

If you are undertaking a professional graduate degree program, then note that you may need to get accreditation from the professional bodies back home once you return back home. It is best to contact the accreditation (regulating) body for your specific country prior to commencing your studies in the UK.


Information sourced from various channels. From the British Council, EducationUK etc

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