Australia, the land down under

by Tiberiu Neamu

Studying in Australia is a fantastic decision. If not for anything else, simply because all of the 39 Universities (of which 2 are private) are part of a comprehensive quality assurance mechanism, and students can enjoy a very high quality of education as well as support services. The Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) and the (AQTF 2007) has been set up by the Government to strengthen the quality assurance processes at educational institutions in Australia.

The 39 universities offer a wide array of subject areas from Arts to Medicine to Engineering to Environmental science. A key aspect of the education is the practical and outcome driven nature of what is offered, ensuring graduates have the skills demanded by employers.

Whilst many students would undertake, Foundation studies, Bachelors, or masters by coursework degrees, many opportunities await in the field of research also.

The research undertaken by many Australian universities have the reputation for being innovative.

One other advantage is the fact that many masters programs run just for one to one and a half years (some even shorter, like the LLM programs) and many do NOT have GMAT type requirements. Students support services are a key aspect of Australia’s education system.

The country is a leader in regards support services for international students, and most of these services are coordinated via a one stop shop the International Center or Office at the university. Students who have special needs that are religious and cultural and needs associated with a disability are also accommodated but the level of service differs from one institution to another.

Australian education offers value for money. However Australia has one of the best standards of living in the world. Above all, the country offers students a learning environment that is very different to back home one that is much more relaxed, but also offers the academic rigor that is especially needed at graduate level.

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